America DIY

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AmericaDIY is an e-commerce platform that connects local buyers to local sellers of landscaping products and bulk raw materials. This platform consists of several components:

  • 1) A public-facing, interactive, e-commerce website. All products available on the platform are added by sellers and searchable by customers in their geographic area.
  • 2) A customer dashboard that allows users to make orders, view history, and check status.
  • 3) A seller dashboard that allows the user to add products, create categories, administrate order fulfillment, give refunds, and view payouts.
  • 4) Use of automated notifications to sellers, admins, and customers via text message, Slack, and email.
  • Dynamic Product List

    The product index is a curated list posted by sellers near the user's location.

    Product Detail

    The product detail page offers both tools and information to the user. One of the tools that is offered is a "Cubic Yard Calculator", which helps the user determine the quantity needed. Additionally, the user can view delivery prices or choose to pick up the product after the order is placed.

    Seller Dashboard: Order Management

  • Viewing Orders (Seller View): This portion of the website is part of the seller dashboard. Here sellers can view orders, update order status, create refunds, and change notification settings.