Bedford Enterprises, Inc.

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Bedford Enterprises, Inc. is a trucking and recycling company that services the Central Coast of California. This web platform is composed of three major components:

  • 1) A public-facing informational and interactive multi-page website.
  • 2) A customer dashboard that allows clients to make service orders, view history, and check status.
  • 3) A company dashboard that allows employees to build quotes with a customized quote builder, approve orders, and administrate users.
  • Dashboard

  • Customer Dashboard: Allows customers to submit a request for service. This request for service generates an automated email to Bedford's administrators and sends the customer a receipt. The dashboard also allows customers to view previous orders, add job sites, and update account information.
  • Admin Dashboard: Allows administrators to create service quotes, store quotes for future use, add products, and administrate other users.
  • Create a Quote

  • Creating a Quote (Admin only): This is a custom quote builder that uses data from Google Maps to calculate optimal pricing for freight charges. The quote builder also takes into account prices of products and is flexible enough to add custom products and services. After a quote is generated, a PDF is created for download and stored in the database for future reference.
  • Request a Quote

  • Requesting a Quote (Customer only): This portion of the website is public facing and allows customers to request a quote for various types of services. When a quote is requested it sets in motion a process that notifies Bedford's admins to generate a quote and coordinate with the customer.
  • Standard Marketing Page Example

  • Marketing/Informational Page: This is an example of one of the many informational and marketing pages on the website.